Mobile Warehousing South Africa

Metal Arched / Vaulted Structures

These arch-style metal buildings are renowned for their amazing strength and limitless versatility. From standard sheds and garages to custom buildings and complex commercial applications, if you can dream it, the chances are that we can help you build it.

Designed to offer supreme durability and ample space without unnecessary interior obstructions, metal arch buildings are ideal for shops, automotive use, storage, houses and various other applications. These relatively simple, self-supporting steel structures offer clear-span designs and are easily erectable, slashing labour costs and dramatically shortening the amount of time you must wait to use your building. Exceedingly versatile and comprised of premium-grade steel, Rolling Structure’s metal arch buildings are among the strongest available on the modern market, and they present an affordable, sustainable way of making your vision for a metal building a reality.

If you need a modern tailored home structure, livestock housing, equipment storage, hay, grain or feed storage, automobile storage, recreational vehicle storage, aircraft storage, covered work area then consider letting Rolling structures aid in your effort. We fabricate open and enclosed arch buildings in varying heights and sizes, and we can also help ensure that your building adheres to any necessary wind load specifications.

With professional expertise you can count on Rolling Structures to deliver uncompromising quality and an arch building you can count on for generations to come.

The advantages of this structure is that it is stronger than the normal A-frame structure.

  • There are nine shapes to choose from and the strength of the structure can be maximised by the unique programming of the profiles. Any length and any width of building can be erected.

  • Up to 1.6mm steel sheeting can be chosen and the optimal thickness will be calculated with our unique software.

  • It is possible to adapt and change as the structure is assembled on the premises with very little compromise.

  • A very high standard of quality is insured throughout the construction.

  • The seams are crimped with a unique zipped method which makes it watertight.

No welding or any bolts are used.

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • We are first in South Africa to have a mobile manufacturing plant.

  • This enables us to erect your structure on your property, thus making us uniquely superior to our competition.

We manufacture sizes of up to 21m wide, any length required and the height is determined by the configuration chosen.