Mobile Warehousing Applications South Africa

Residential, Commercial or Agriculture

Insulation of the structure is possible using the following methods:

  • the “Green Roof” system:
    using grass as the insulator; has many advantages: doubling the lifespan off your structure
    Boosting thermal performance, Function as a noise damper, aiding air quality
  • pray foam
  • polystyrene
  • Any cladding or insulation of your choice
  • This unique structure and shapes give you the opportunity to be creative.
  • No welding or any bolts are used in the construction of this building making it ideal for coastal and high windy areas.
    No bolts or welding spots that can fail due to its structural stability.
  • It is sealed in a unique way that ensures that there are no leaks.
    This makes the certification of the building very easy.
  • The seams are crimped with a unique zipped method which makes it watertight.

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Available configurations: